Teaching Resources for Cassini Mission Finale

 NASA/JPL provides teaching resources for the finale of the Cassini spacecraft’s mission to Saturn:

After almost 20 years in space, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has begun the final chapter of its remarkable story of exploration: its Grand Finale. This last phase of the mission will deliver unprecedented views of Saturn and its rings when, on April 26, the spacecraft dives between the planet and its rings – a feat that has never been attempted. Cassini will complete 22 of these ring-gap orbits before making a grand finale dive into Saturn’s atmosphere to protect the environments of Saturn’s moons, including the potentially habitable Enceladus.

Discover our collection of standards-aligned lessons and resources (plus free posters!) about NASA’s Cassini mission at Saturn and its nearly 13-year exploration of the ringed giant.

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Easter 2017

“The Resurrection accounts certainly speak of something outside our world of experience. They speak of something new, something unprecedented – a new dimension of reality that is revealed. What already exists is not called into question. Rather we are told that there is a further dimension, beyond what was previously known. Does that contradict science? Can there really only ever be what there has always been? Can there not be something unexpected, something unimaginable, something new?”

Pope Benedict XVI