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Sun in Trees (public domain)


Yea! nature is His shadow, and how bright
Must that face be which such a shadow casts?
We walk within it, for “we live and move
And have our being” in His ev’rywhere.
Why is God shy? Why doth He hide Himself?
The tiniest grain of sand on ocean’s shore
Entemples Him; the fragrance of the rose
Folds Him around as blessed incense folds
The altars of His Christ: yet some will walk
Along the temple’s wondrous vestibule
And look on and admire — yet enter not
To find within the Presence, and the Light
Which sheds its rays on all that is without.

And nature is His voice; who list may hear…

from “Seen and Unseen”
Fr. Abram Ryan (1838-1886)

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