Pope Benedict Addresses the Pontifical Academy of Sciences

Pope Benedict XI addressed the Pontifical Academy of Sciences on Thursday, where the group was assembled for its Plenary Assembly. From the speech:

“Indeed, the significant discoveries and advances of recent years invite us to consider the great analogy of physics and biology which is clearly manifested every time that we achieve a deeper understanding of the natural order.  If it is true that some of the new notions obtained in this way can also allow us to draw conclusions about processes of earlier times, this extrapolation points further to the great unity of nature in the complex structure of the cosmos and to the mystery of man’s place within it.  The complexity and greatness of contemporary science in all that it enables man to know about nature has direct repercussions for human beings.  Only man can constantly expand his knowledge of truth and order it wisely for his good and that of his environment. “

Read the whole address here.

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