Notable Quote

“Just as we cannot assign a geographical location to God, let’s say up above Mars or wherever, in the same way we cannot pin down the soul geographically, either in the heart or in the brain, as did the two great anthropological theories of antiquity. The soul is not like that. It has no corporal location, but occupies the whole of man. The Old Testament presents us with a whole range of symbolism for the soul. It talks about the liver, about the nerves, about the womb, about the heart; it mentions the most various organs of the body. The whole body plays its part in spiritual as well as physical life. The different organs give symbolic expression to different aspects of human existence and to different aspects of the human soul, but at the same time they show us how the whole of the body is inhabited by the soul and gives expression to the soul in various and specific ways. To some extent we can say that there are places where the soul is especially present, but there is no geography of the soul.”

Pope Benedict XVI (as Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger)
God and the World


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